Spin It Again

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Record your old vinyl records and cassettes to CD



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Dust off your old vinyls you don’t use because they are as jewels for you.

Spin it again allows you to easily record your vinyls and cassettes to CD, so you will be able to keep safe your jewels, but listening to them as audio CDs.

You only have to hook up your record/cassette player to your computer (it includes a wizard to help you throughout the process).

Spin it again not only records your vinyls and cassettes to CD, but it remasters them, getting rid of click and pop record noise and all other noises appearing in your old vinyls and cassettes.

Thanks to Spin it again you will enjoy your favorite music again. And that is not all, because it allows you to directly record them to your iPod or mp3 player.

It is really easy to use and you will love it.

You will find several tutorials in the Official Site


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